Newsletter No.4

By Vic Lander

  East Brighton Bygones Local History Society

Issue No 4 October 2008

Since the plea in last months issue for more material from members for future Newsletters several members have come forward with items.  The result of this is a new section that will be entitled "Members Stories".  This will concur with the main aims of the Newsletters.

As you appreciate the aims of the Newsletter are in the main two-fold:-

A/ To keep members informed of the activities of the society, and

B/ To provide the stories and histories that appear on our web site to those members who do not own a computer.

These are the items that will now appear under the new section.

News of members
Our chairman is sunning himself yet again in Spain, oh how the rich live!  He will be returning in time for our meeting, so be sure to remark on his wonderful tan.

Fred Netley and his charming wife Betty celebrated 50 years of marriage recently and a congratulatory card was sent to them on behalf of the society.  Fred has agreed to provide items for the Newsletter when his health allows.

In the last issue it was reported that dear old Bob Nutley and Betty were leaving the meeting to make a tortuous journey to the Provence area of France via Amsterdam.  A text message was received from Bob saying he had arrived safely this was followed by a Post Card.

It was good to see Molly back with us after a spell in hospital, and also to see Flora back among us.

Many of you will remember Vic Lander's brother John who joined as a member.  Well John has recently at the age of 85 had anew valve and a heart by-pass operation at the Royal Sussex.  Unfortunately a problem occurred during surgery, which resulted in the operation taking over 12 hours.  Although initially very poorly it is good to report that he has now started on the road to recovery

At last months meeting the Chairman passed Vic Lander a letter he had received form a German history group.  Here is the text of the letter in full:-

Der Rudesheim Local History Gruppe
Heil Herr Chairman

Velcome to the bad niews!

Vith der wisit auf your Wictor Lander to our grosser Vaterland und his remarcks, der ist now a kold vind blowing, und der commences der second "Kold Var".

Jist because of ein orzwei bad eiggs in our superior Arry-Ann race - vostabout your varmonger Churchill, und the criminal und firecracker Dowding, ve get reminds of der bombings der kleiner baby Wictor endured, it vas probable der hailstones on his perambulator canope that filled his nappy, but soon happy again vonce his mudder give him und grosser bottle der Melk!

Vell, ve did not do dr vinning der laster time, be wery sure der nexter time ve vill vin, der WHITEHAWK after der bomben vill be swarzdodo on der mappen, und all der Wictors fault.

Ferbodden him to wisit our heimat

Count Werner von Opel President R.L.H Gruppe

PS our spies tell of an udder dummkopf who is upsettings der pretty blonde frauleins in der brooder shop.  Dis namen ist on our list as vell.

On receipt of this letter the Chairman thought that it was a joke sent by Vic following his Rhine cruise, this was definitely not the case so mystery prevailed.  Vic then remembered that Bob Nutley had told him a story of upsetting some ladies in a  Bakers shop in Germany, so the mystery was solved , it was Bob who had put the letter together.  In fact before leaving for his trip Bob phoned Vic to admit the ruse.  Betty made him ring as she thought that Vic and the Chairman might have a nervous breakdown wondering who the hell had composed it.

New members

We had no new members join us in September

General news
The library kept in our office now has an impressive number of publications.  The subject matter covered is very varied and any member wishing to view them is welcome to visit the office on meeting day's, Wednesday or Friday mornings or during the monthly "déjà vu" afternoons.
Hazel and Pam Piercey have completed the final corrections to Pam's latest story dealing with her childhood in Sussex Square.  This will be published on the web, in a later edition of the newsletter and as a booklet.

Betty Gillett has agreed to her amended story being published, this likewise will be published through the three outlets mentioned in the last item.

Recent activities
At the last meeting with the staff at St Marys Hall they asked for some help in identifying a building adjacent to the school that can be seen in some of their archive photo's.  Roy Grant, Vic,s friend has given some information but Pam Piercey may have the final answer.  Pam's sister lived in a house off of Church Place near to the mystery building and on the 14th Pam is going along with Vic to view the archive

On Wednesday the 24th September seven members attended the latest"déjà vu" afternoon.  All who attended thoroughly enjoyed the occasion and it was good to see that the numbers attending had increased.  The afternoons were the original brainchild of Beryl Tucknot and it was extremely nice that Beryl could be at the meeting to see the fruits of her idea.

The subject of the talk at the last meeting was "Hillly Laine to Hanover" presented by Jacqueline Pollard.  The talk was illustrated with some unique photo's and proved most enjoyable.  Many members had originated from the areas of Brighton that were featured and this brought back many happy memories to them.

Articles and stories received
As articles and items are received they will be included in the new section mentioned earlier "Members Stories".  As it will not be possible to publish all of the items as they come in when they come in, a report on those that are received will be made here and they will take their turn in the new section.

External contacts
The village of Hurstpierpoint recently held its festival.  An item during the festival was an evening entitled "Sussex on Film".  Trish Leonard, Keith Chambers and Brenda and Vic Lander attended and found the evening enthralling.

Several films were featured from the late 1890's to the 1950's.  The films were accompanied by a pianist which was reminiscent of the silent movie era.  The films are the property of and were presented by the Screen Archive South East.  It is planned that the films will be available in DVD format in November and the suggestion will be made to the management committee that we purchase a copy so that all members can view.

Forthcoming events  
The next "déjà vu" get together will be on the 22nd October commencing at 2.00 p.m.

The annual Whitehawk Primary School Act of Remebrance will take place on Friday the 7th November at the school commencing at 11.00am.

During our October meeting Tricia Leonard will give a verbal report on an exciting initiative entitled "White Night"

The resource Centre AGM and buffet evening will be on Wednesday the 15 October at 7.30pm.  The venue is Leach Court in Eastern Road and everyone is welcome.

Our Christmas lunch will be held on Thursday December the 4th at the White Horse Hotel in Rottingdean

Requests for information

For several months Vic Lander has been in contact with a chap named Tim Sargeant.  Tim lived in the Sussex Square area up until the 60's and his father owned the garage in Church Place.  Vic is putting Pam Piercey in touch with Tim as she remembers Tim.  Tim has asked for info and Pam can, very likely respond to his request.

Members Stories

A Visit to HeverCastle  by Pam Piercey

For me, one of the highlights of this wet and windy summer was a visit to HeverCastle with the Riley Car Club.  My nephew, Michael oewns three Rileys, a 1935 saloon (awaiting attention), a 1938 Riley Continental saloon, in very good working order, that he has driven beyond the Arctic Circle and as far West as Dingle in Ireland, and a small two-seater open sports car that he has built out of parts from a 1935/36 Riley.  It occupied so much of his spare time that his wife, Daphne, christened it "the evil Weevil".

Daphne and I were to be driven by Michael in the Riley Continental but on arrival at his house I was surprised to see the Weevil also in the driveway.  It was to have one of its first long outings, driven by my nephew's son, Darren, with his girl friend Jo, a Triathlete, whose strength would be useful if pushing was necessary.

After a few anxious moments, when during the trip Daphne had to keep checking to see that the Weevil was still following, we arrived at HeverCastle and were immediately surrounded by a crowd of camera-happy Japanese.  Later we found that as Darren reached the entrance to Hever the Weevil's engine died.  Trying to look as if nothing was amiss, he free-wheeled down the, fortunate, slope amid the vast crowds awaiting entry hoping he would not have to stop and cause a traffic jam.  Fortunately, once inside the grounds the little Weevil decided to come back to life.

Having been allocated a special parking spot, we joined nine other old Rileys, with the tiny Weevil conspicuously on the end of the line.  Immediately, like bees round a honey pot it was surrounded by admirers of all ages.  Fearful of the vulnerability of all Michael's hard work, we decided to have to have our picnic lunch immediately behind the car.  Regardless of our close proximity, small boys ran their fingers lovingly over the shiny chrome and paintwork, teenagers leant inside to get a better view of the instrument panel and several young men posed, with their hands on the steering wheel, while their girl friends took photographs.  I wondered just how many of their snaos had my laughing face in the background.

Almost reluctantly we left the little car to its fate while we enjoyed the marvels of Hever,  First we went to the Maze, then to the jousting this was followed by a tour of the castle with its interesting Tudor history and grim implements of torture.  Luckily the threatened rain held off and the day ended in a fine evening as we strolled through the beautifully planted Italian gardens to the elegant white marble fountains and the huge lake beyond.  The magical atmosphere was enhanced by a rehearsal of Phantom of the Opera songs in the nearby open-air theatre.

Finally we returned to the cars wondering just what damage we would find.  However, there was the dear little Weevil, none the worse for its outing and quite unscathed from its hoards of admirers.

Subject and date of next meeting.

The next monthly meeting will be held on the 12th November when the subject will be "The Lander's a Brighton Family in Photographs".  The speaker will be our very own Vic Lander.

And finally

A rhyme from Beryl Tucknot:-

I stood on the bridge at midnight
When a thought ran through my head
What a fool I was to be standing there
When I could have been in bed.

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