6. Whitehawk

By Sue Craig

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Hi who was the bride and groom please as the two people standing behind the groom are my mother and father Sylvia and Jeff. The man on the right in the dark suit and tie is Tony Tucker

By geraldine smith
On 22/07/2011

This is Jimmy and Charlotte's wedding. The groom is Alfred James Elmes (Jim/Jimmy)and his Bride Charlotte (Ican't remember her maiden name) those on the right are Charlotte's relatives. Behind Jimmy is my father Jeff Elmes and his wife Sylvia,and the man and woman at Jimmys 'side on the left are my Grandparents Alf and Vi Elmes with Eddie Elmes just behind them in the light jacket (my father is also wearing a light jacket) I think the elderly lady on the far left may be my Grandfathers older sister, the chap in the dark suit between Sylvia and Eddie is not known to me but he does have the Elmes look an bearing in mind that my Grandfather had six brothers in the Brighton area and his prescence on our families side of the picture it's highly likely he is a cousin.

By Chris Elmes
On 22/07/2011