6. Whitehawk

By Sue Craig

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This page was added on 04/01/2008.
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When was this photo taken? It look like me, Shirley and Wendy playing outside my nan's house at Wiston Road. Can anyone enlighten me please.

By Denise Shops nee Moore
On 21/08/2009

Well I do know its at the top of Lintott Av and Wiston Road, but before my time, because the church was red brick built when I was a kid, 1951 onwards for me, St Cuthmans church, it had a bomb dropped on it and was rebuilt, the green the kids are playing on was where we used to have our bonfires on November the 5th, such happy times then. We lived at 158 Wiston road.

By Robert Dawson
On 11/01/2010

I really love this photograph, because it looks so clean and relaxing. What a shame that the old race stands have gone and also the pavillion building where they used to store all the football posts and nets etc. Also changing rooms at each end for players.I am surprised that anyone could afford a car in this area in those days. It was more OPEN and airy in those days, not over crowded like now.

By Vernon Brand
On 21/05/2010

Hi Robert. My best mate at Whitehawk Secondary School was Colin Dawson, who lived in Wiston Road. (1955-ish). Any relation? We both courted the same girl, Joyce Farrow.

By Ken Muzzall
On 15/10/2010