6. Whitehawk

By Sue Craig

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This page was added on 04/01/2008.
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I couldn't believe my eyes when i saw that photo of the shops in Whitehawk Avenue, it bought back so many memories. My sister and I, we were Pat & Chris Marshall, lived at 80 Whitehawk Avenue opposite the shops. We lived with our Grandparents, Peter & Vicky Turrel. We lived next door to the Bradfords & Mrs Marriot. We lived there from 1954 until 1958. I went to Whitehawk senior shcool for my last 2 years till i was 15, then worked at Harrimonds dressmaking factory at Bevendean for a year, then we moved to Somerset where I am now. But I loved it in Whitehawk, we were always outside playing up and down the racehill, down to the Level along the seafront. I remember June Chapman, David Cage, Micheal Hussey, Didcotts.
Pat Richards nee Marshall.

By pat richards
On 29/02/2008

I would like a pound for every time I was sent round to these shops by dear old mum, especially Novis the Chemist. I remember that the sweetshop was the only place you could make a phone call ( before the days when everyone had a phone ).'Sulleys' where most goods were packed up for you. Sugar in little blue bags. Personal service was the order of the day.

By Vernon Brand
On 21/05/2010

Well I could not belive my eyes when I came across this I lived in Whitehawk from 1952 to 1963.Iived at the top of Twineham road and used to run up and down to the shops for my mum.I loved my life their as a child.We used to take big piece of carboard to the top of the racehill and slide down it so much fun we were poor but always things to do in Brighton.Ho the good old days

By shirley hawes
On 15/10/2010

5 woodbines for a shilling.....great deal, mind you it should have been spent on a school dinner! Circa 1965.

By David deacon
On 27/07/2012

Mr. Novis seemed to know about every illness there was and was always willing to give advice. i was chased home from school one day and fell over there hitting my face on the little brick wall. Mrs Church worked there then and she picked me up and took me home, she was a lovely lady.

By pauline godden
On 24/04/2013

I used to live in piltdown road whitehawk Mr Novis the chemist did indeed seem to know a lot. I moved in 1975 when I got married

By Annette baker
On 29/01/2015