6. Whitehawk

By Sue Craig

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This page was added on 04/01/2008.
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Is this Hervey Road ? ..

By Jenny Sheppard
On 12/12/2008

Oh yes, this certainly is Hervey Road as I was from there and grew up there. I sure miss it, and don't think by knocking it down made any improvement in Whitehawk either.

By Tony Hill
On 27/07/2009

This photo brings back memories i grew up in Hervey Road at No.76 there was a turning circle at the top for cars.
I remember as a kid digging the cars out after a heavy snow fall in the 70s great times.

By paul faben
On 18/12/2009

Yes this is the top end of Hervey Road towards the turning circle. I can remember walking to the Whitehawk Schools not a care in the world and playing on the hills after. Does anyone remember making and racing go karts down the pathways at the top of the road. HAPPY DAYS!

By p faben
On 18/12/2009

I was born in HERVEY ROAD on 1st May 1954. I have 4 brothers and 2 sisters. Their names are FRANK, KEN, CAROLE, MAUREEN, BRIAN, ROBIN and me ANTHONY. My parents were ERNEST and HILDA. Our house was on the right, 5th from the top near the turning circle. If you didn't see the family name it is MUZZALL. If there is anyone out there that reads this and recognises the name please get in touch. It would be fantastic to hear from you.

By Anthony Muzzall
On 15/10/2010

Hi Paul. Oh yes, I certainly remember go-karting and roller skating down the zig-zag path that linked Manor Farm to Whitehawk Road. I lived in Hervey Road from 1941 to 1958. Our family lived at 104 until 1958, before moving to Moulescombe. Our neighbours were the Gunns, the Walters, the Davies, the Chapmans and across the street were the Peacheys, the Burbridges, the Mays, the Fanes, the Maidments. 104 was in the turning circle. Memories

By Ken Muzzall
On 15/10/2010

Sorry, forgot to say that the block of 4 houses on the right of the picture are numbers 102, the Gunns, 104, the Muzzalls, 106, the Walters and 108, can't remember there names.

By Ken Muzzall
On 15/10/2010

My Nan and Grandad lived at 9 Harvey road for many years till they passed away in the Sixties. Long ago memories of catching the 44 bus from The Level to go and see them for Sunday dinner. My Grandad was a nightwatchman on the various roadworks in Brighton,everyone knew "old Bill" Innes in the fifties. The louts put his eye out with a stone but he kept on working. Different world now isnt it.

On 19/12/2010

I would agree with Tony, the new estate is no improvement at all. I liked how it was laid out. I cannot remember my house number, but we were next door to the Swifts, near the top on the right. I vuaguely remember things such as  games late in the summer, June bug swatting, taking my new Grifter to the top of the path at the cul de sac to jum the ramp below and the 25th Jubilee street party.

By Tyrone Slater
On 21/01/2011

I had a friend Alan Inkpen who lived at the top of Hervey Rd. I used to go to his house At school dinner times in the early 60's. His mum used to give me a cup of tea and one of her old holborn roll ups! Also another mate from this road was Jim Leishman.

By David deacon
On 27/07/2012

The Chapmans mentioned in Ken's post were my nan and grandad living there with my aunties and uncle and dad. Its been spoken about many many times how it was great living and growing up there.

By shelley chapman
On 01/03/2013

I remember Hervey road vey well my family lived here until they knocked it down. I lived at number 11 with my two sisters Caroline and Tara. I remember going up to the car turning point on roller skates then coming back holding onto the back of a motor bike, a silly but at the time funny thing to do . Kids huh!!!

By Juanita Crowley
On 24/04/2013

Spent the first four years of my life at 82 Hervey Road as we lived with my Nan and Granddad, Arthur and Annie shipton. Had many happy days and hours spent going to see them. we played many ball games at the top of the road and i think half the children in Hervey Road were out playing, good old days, wish we could turn back time they were so happy and every one looked out for each other. Bill Batchelor.

By bill batchelor
On 23/08/2013

I don't if anyone remembers us, we lived at number 29 Hervey Road, the Funnel family Joan, Chris, Lee, Karen & me ( Lyn ) had such fun times and lived next door to the Dennis family

By lyn macfarlane
On 06/01/2014

Hi all,  my family lived in the house near the steps, not to sure of house no. My mum and dad were Jimmy and Jean Mcanespie, they lived there in the late 60s early 70s, there was me, my two brothers Kenny and Andy and two sisters Jackie and Tracey, Jackie married Nicky Grinyer who lived on the opposite side of Hervey Road with hes mum and dad, Ben and June Grinyer. My eldist sister Pauline Bowles lived at 99 Whitehawk Road with her husband and family. My last memory of Hervey Road was playing outside in the summer. Its a pitty the knocked the orginal Whitehawk down now all whats left is our memories.

By John Mcanespie
On 26/03/2014

The pathway going up to the house where the white car is parked is Number 95 Hervey Road. Next door were the Inkpens. Regards

By Rick Smallman
On 16/07/2014

The photo brings back lots of happy memories of growing up in Hervey Road. We lived at number 63.

By Terri Travers
On 10/08/2014

Hi Bill Batchelor can you email me at ami-1980@hotmail.co.uk. I am doing a family tree and it includes Annie (Boarer) and Arthur Shipton may be a link 

By Ami
On 29/09/2014

My Grandparents lived in Hervey Rd no 65 they were there in the late 1920 Edith and John Baker Edith lived there until  1960's, she was widowed in 1948. My parents Ron & Flossie Candlin lived with Edith when they were first married and my brother and I were born in 1959 and 1961Nicholas Candlin we have happy memories of the house with the anderson shelter in the garden and the community spirit 

By Julie Greenfield
On 29/12/2015