6. Whitehawk

By Sue Craig

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This page was added on 04/01/2008.
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in this picture from the top of the Race Hill i can see my mums house. It is the one on the corner of Lintott Ave. & Whitehawk Ave. It was 88 Whitehawk Ave. its just up from the white car in the forground. When i was a lad I & some of my mates use to climb the small building you see in the forground. If you got caught by George the copper he use to clip you round the ear. Does anyone rember me. I use to play football on the pitches in the evenings with Colin Banks, Dave Powell, Dave Sallavan, Johnny Weeler, Brian Johnson, & many others until it was dark. They were great times, the shops in front of my mums house was a sweetshop,a chemist, a grocers & greengrocers. The chemist belonged to Mr Novis.the green grocers was Mr Gilberts, & the grocers was Mrs Sullys for which i was her grocery boy.I used to take orders out on a carrier bike for 17/6 a week. Happy days but now gone forever, but still in my heart. Whitehawk was a great place when we all were kids.

By richard f groves
On 01/07/2011

Hi richard, i don't think i know you, but i used to do the same thing as you, i remember that building being massive when we were kids, took ages to get up there. what year did you live there?

By alan harris
On 09/01/2013

Hi Alan.

I was born at 88 Whitehawk Ave. in 1947. I lived there till I got married at the age of 25. Do you remember any of the lads. Colin Banks. Dave Powell. Dave Suvllan. Johnny Weeler & Brian Johnson. They were great days.

All the best


By richard
On 22/11/2013

Hi I lived at Lintott Ave (number 16) til i got married in 1977. The house Is in the picture but sadly gone now, they knocked a lot of the places down.  Great times that I remember ................. Just learned that one of my year Chris, has sadly passed away at 55,  unbelievable R.I.P. Chris.       But good times eh?

By Janet.coulson@yahoo.com
On 17/01/2014

Hi Richard, Not sure if my last comment was published but im guessing the john wheeler you speak of is my dad? If anyone sees this that knew him, please email me on cassiew03@hotmail.com thanks!

By Cassie wheeler
On 31/10/2015