6. Whitehawk

By Sue Craig

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I was born at 16 Whitehawk Ave in 1950 - it is now the vacant lot just across the road behind the lampost, left of centre of this photo It was a semi-detached police house with a police call box built at the front facing north. The old police garage can still be seen alongside the semi detached house. Police constables lived in both houses although to my knowledge, never actually worked from the box.
Bobbies on bicycles regularly used to knock on our door and Mum would pass through a cup of tea.

My father was PC 92 Bob Young, we migrated to Australia in 1960.

Bob Young (jr)
Wagga Wagga NSW
July 2009

By Bob Young
On 17/07/2009

My grandmother Lilian Jones lived at number 18 Whitehawk Avenue until her death in 1956. I live in South Africa and never met her. I was wondering if the house to the right of the old police garage was number 18. I know that my Granny had to live on a very small widow's pension and my mother sent her a postal order every month to help make ends meet. She also grew vegetables in the back garden assisted by her son Ginger (Vivien).

By Sally Potgieter
On 28/05/2010

Sally, If I remember correctly (I was nine when we left England), the house numbering went up Whitehawk Ave (to the left of the photo). There was a 'Y' junction in the road in front of no. 16 where Winston Ave? began, so number 18 would have been about 50+ meters further up. Bob Young Wagga Wagga NSW

By bob Young
On 18/06/2010

Hi. This photo brings back some wonderful memories. I started my musical career at St Davids Hall back in 1954. I was the DJ spinning 78's on an old His Master's Voice wind-up record player, for the youth club on Games Nights and the Friday Dance Nights. I became a singer and toured Europe and the Middle East. I am now a Country Music singer living in Lincolnshire, UK

By Ken Muzzall
On 15/10/2010

Hi, I used to live at 78 Whitehawk Ave. These days after having a complete nervous breakdown due to overwork, I like to jog the memory by looking at old photos of the Brighton area. The St. David's Hall seems familiar to me but I just cannot place it. I think there was a bus stop just outside it on the same side of the road? If so I used to walk to Hervey Road just before we moved to the Avenue. Regards

By Rick Smallman
On 25/07/2014