6. Whitehawk

By Sue Craig

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This page was added on 04/01/2008.
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My nan and grandad moved from 88 Wiston Road to lived in these flats she lived at no. 40 Albourne Close, how i miss that 1960-1970,s era. My family had so much fun in those days. I have not been back since my nan died in 1988. I keep my memories close to my heart.

By Denise shops nee Moore
On 21/08/2009

Thats how I remember Whitehawk. Shame they changed it. I spent many happy years there.

By peter bridger
On 16/04/2010

Hi, that's how i remember it as well, I lived at 89 wiston road around 1976/77 I think. I remember it being a good friendly place to live, where you could leave your window's & doors un-locked (not anymore), from this photo im sure the 1st house (white one) on the bend of the road had a bomb shelter in the back garden"doe's any one else remember this"? or am I going bananas.

By alan harris
On 09/01/2013

Hi, Loving seeing these, I Grew up at 235 Whitehawk Rd, opposite the top pitch shame my house is just out of the photo. Alan think you are right about the bomb shelter in the garden of the corner house, I had my first 10 years as a kid here playing out. All neighbours were great and rounders on pitches. Makes me a little sad thinking how good it was.

By shelley chapman
On 01/03/2013

wow can see my old house. lived at no:244 for about 13 years. moved out in 1983 I think! 

By Karen Rough
On 29/01/2014

My grandparents lived at 234 Whitehawk Road, their names were George and Nelly Williams. their only daughter was Betty. During the years between 1964 - 1976 My sister and me would spend many holidays with our grandparents and wonder if any one on here remembers either our grandparents, mother Betty or me Louise, and Bettina my sister?

By louise cleaver
On 30/06/2014