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I regularly used black rock pool when my children were small.I remember we had to go through a turnstyle after we had paid our admission. At one time here were table tennis tables at the side of the pool. We would walk down from whitehawk with our lunch and stay the day.

By Jenifer Cager(nee Stripp)
On 10/10/2008

I've just been going through some photos with my Mum (86 this year) who was born in Brighton and swam competitively here until war broke out. She was coached by a chap called Len in her teens. When war broke out she joined the Land Army, training at Plumpton where she met my Dad.

By Paul Clinch
On 29/01/2010

I used to go to the pool quite often with a mate when I lived in Hollingbury when I was about 13 or 14 and spend all day there.My mum would pack me some sandwiches and a bottle of diluted PLJ with some sugar in. Never got sunburnt and never used sunblock!

By Tony Langford
On 25/06/2010

Some of my most happiest memories were spent here, used to love coming down straight from school and spending every minute possible - loved it

By Jan Tutt
On 28/10/2011

Are you the Tony Langford that used to go to Westlain School with me?

By carole harvey nee Brown
On 08/06/2012

Perhaps some of my happiest days in the 50's. Stayed in Whitehawk Road lodgings with mum, dad and my dear old gran. Black Rock pool was a real treat, choc ice, swimming etc etc; then onto Volks railway to the pier and Edlins where mum, dad and grandparents would have a few pints etc. Sadly this iconic place has gone forever. Whoever changed the area has no comprehension of what they missed.

By edward james kaley
On 31/10/2012

We were taken to Black Rock pool as a very special treat. We lived in Crawley and dad drove down parked the car by the arches. We would walk to the pool spend all day and then walk back very tired to the car. What a shame these simple things are no longer available to children today, I loved the turnstile it made it all so special.

By Lin martin
On 14/06/2013