6. Whitehawk

By Sue Craig

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Photo: Illustrative image for the '6. Whitehawk' page
This page was added on 04/01/2008.
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This is Whitehawk as I really remember it, long before the flats were built. Life was so much quieter and more relaxed then. Not the trouble and strife that exists today. There was a community spirit that has sadly died. I can see our old house in this photograph. This series off old snaps has really cheered me up. WELL DONE.

By Vernon Brand
On 21/05/2010

This photo clearly shows the back of our house. right in the middle of whitehawk road and whitehawk ave. loved my childhood there,sliding down the racehill on bits of cardboard, swinging on the bars at the bottom of the last pitch and great days sitting on the racehill watching the fireworks.

By pauline godden
On 24/04/2013